The Comtravo alternative - a comparison

Both sitback and Comtravo are online booking tools that ease the travel management in your company. Unnecessary manual work in business travel should be a thing of the past time! Your business travel management shall run smoothly. The most important question is: Which solution really reduces manual efforts? Which platform is the most uncomplicated and fastest? Which pricing is more attractive for your company?

This comparison helps you determine which provider suits you the most: Comtravo or sitback?


Comtravo is a German travel management company. Comtravo GmbH has its headquarters in Berlin and was founded in 2015.

Comtravo has not published any information about their pricing.

Comtravo offers an already included 24/7 Support, which you can reach either via phone or by sending an e-mail. Unfortunately, there is no information left on the offered languages.

If you have any further questions about Comtravo, please feel free to contact us!


Comtravo and sitback in comparison

PricingThree pricing plans:
1. Startup - Completely free with no monthly commit- ments or trip fees!
2. Business - €14,99 Trip Fee
3. Business Pro - €24,99 Trip Fee
🟡 No published information
Support✅ Traveller Support not necessary! Live chat & email support for sitback platform✅ Phone, live-chat, mail[1]
Contract terms✅ "Startup"- Plan without contract term; "Business" and "Enterprise" offer individual contract terms✅ No contract binding[2]
Payment terms✅ Credit card and bank transfer
✅ Credit card, bank transfer and direct[3]
Time to get started✅ Start within one day after providing the company address and contact details of the company's representative✅ Getting started right after online registration[4]
Travel policies and approval flows✅ Everything included✅ Travel policies can be implemented. [5]
❌ No information on extra pricing available.
Sustainability✅ Calculated CO₂ emissions are shown during the booking process and on every travel plan✅ Colaboration with Climate Partner & act now[6]
All-in-one platform✅ You can book, change and cancel your trips online all by yourself.🟡 In order to modify or cancel a booking you must reach out to customer support.[7]
Duty of care ✅ Care dashboard incl. traveler tracking, Stay Safe alerts, and free of charge destination information✅ Recent information and travel warnings for all destinations are provided by specialized third party contractors.[8]
User interface✅ English, for set-up in other languages please contact sitback✅ German, English

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This comparison was last updated on 28.07.2021.


Which one is the better choice for you?





Comtravo has not published any information regarding its pricing on their website. If you want to receive an individual offer, you must leave your contact details.

sitback offers three different plans to choose from Startup, Business, and Business Pro. The Startup package is completely free and does not have any monthly or trip fees attached to it.

If you are traveling more often or need our premium functionalities, you can choose our Business plan. The plan also comes with no monthly commitment. You pay only if you travel!
If you prefer having the entire range of services included, then we recommend opting for the Business Pro plan. 😉

Booking Channels

With Comtravo you can book Rental Cars,  Flights, Trains, and Hotel stays for your business trips.[9]

sitback also enables you to book these services. Moreover, you profit from sitback‘s partnership with the Lufthansa Group and the hotel booking portal ehotel.

Need more information? Have a look at our comparison E-booklet below! 📖

Booking Process

With Comtravo you can give booking orders via e-mail, phone, app, or the “self-booking-tool”. For modifications and cancellations, you must send an e-mail to customer support.

After having registered in the sitback system, you can easily finalize your business trip in your shopping cart. 🛒

The all-in-one platform also enables you to perform modifications and cancellations completely on your own.
There is no need for any support! (Even though we have an amazingly good one 😉)


Comtravo offers an already included 24/7 Support, which you can reach either via phone or by sending an e-mail. Unfortunately, there is no information left on the offered languages.[11]

sitback allows you to handle your entire travel management independently via our app and platform. If you have platform or tech questions just reach out via email or chat to the customer support, speaking English 🇬🇧 and German 🇩🇪.
If you prefer having someone on the phone 24/7 for your travelers, we advise you to subscribe to the Business Pro plan.

Payment Methods

Comtravo enables customers to choose between credit card, direct debit, or bank transfer💳.[12]

sitback keeps it simple: You can pay everything with a credit card💳 and receive the respective bills automatically.

Collective invoices on a weekly or monthly basis with subsequent bank transfers are also possible!


"When you are looking for advice, you seek out people who share your interests and deserve your trust. With Sitback.Travel you have come to the right place. A team of long-term industry experts who place their expertise in digitalizing the ‘travel world’ we live in. I’m happy to be part of the project working with this fantastic team."

Wim de Graeve
Wim de Graeve
Travel Technology Project Manager @ WDG Travel Technology

Travel Policies and Approvals

Comtravo: You can implement your travel policies inside all booking channels. There is no information regarding whether this service is priced extra.[13]

At sitback each company can choose between standard travel policies and approval processes and individual adjustments according to your internal specifications.


Duty of Care

Comtravo: Using the Travel Management-Board you can easily see the locations of all your travelers. To provide you with the latest news on travel warnings, Comtravo collaborates with specialized third parties. There is not much information regarding these companies.[14]

sitback wants you to enjoy your business travel.

This is why, you are provided with free information on your destination, including the latest news on COVID-19. This service is also available during your booking process.

Against a small extra charge, you can add Stay Safe Messages to your respective business trip in order to stay updated on short-term alterations and disruptions.

Stay Safe Notifications can be added against a small extra charge to your business trip. During your trip, you are constantly informed of short-term alterations and disruptions.

For expert support in emergency situations, please ask for the 24/7 support. This service is already included in the Business Pro plan.

In order to completely fulfill your Duty of Care, you can use the Care Dashboard. There, you can easily see the current location of your travelers. This feature is also available in the mobile version of our App! 📱


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This comparison was last updated on 28.07.2021.

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